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If you have already booked or are considering one of the Ottawa region's finest venues for your ceremony and/or reception, you absolutely know that you want the very best of everything for your entire wedding day celebration. We are the preferred officiants for most leading Ottawa region venues:

You are likely looking at some of the elite photographers to capture every minute of your special day, and perhaps even a videographer, as well.

You are planning on amazing food from a great caterer or in-house restaurant. The decorations and the flowers will be spectacular. And let's not forget, the most beautiful dress ever. For an event of this scale, you may even have a wedding planner, impressive limos and live music already planned for your day.

So with all that focus and resources centred on an "A Team" of high quality wedding vendors to help you achieve your vision, you'll also need to give some serious consideration as to who will design and perform a wedding ceremony for you as unique as the two of you are.

Do you want to have a really romantic and heartfelt ceremony customized to your beliefs, your values, your personalities, your sense of humour, and your life circumstances?

Are you concerned that you might end up getting another cookie-cutter type ceremony that puts your guests to sleep?

Do you want your ceremony to speak universally to all your guests about the power of love in our lives, without being bogged down by religious dogma?

Would you like some light-heartedness in your ceremony to put everyone, including yourselves at ease?

Are you unsure about where to start or what your ceremony options are?

How would you like to have a seasoned, passionate, caring, innovative, good-natured officiant (who also happens to be Ottawa's leading expert on wedding ceremony design) to guide you in crafting a one-of-a-kind ceremony that's just right for you?

If this sounds like your dream come true, you’re in the right place!

Hello! We are Lynne & Keith Langille, Ottawa's ceremony officiants and celebrants of choice for couples planning a high end wedding. We can make creating your unique wedding ceremony fun and easy. We work primarily with the top wedding venues, wedding planners, photographers, videographers, and musicians throughout the Ottawa region.

Most of our wedding clients hire us because they want to design and develop a highly engaging, personalized wedding ceremony that is far above the ordinary and average ones for which most other couples settle. Drawing from our depth of experience of having performed hundreds of unique ceremonies for over 13 years, we specialize in creating customized ceremonies that are fully centred on the couple rather than the officiant. We take the time to get to know you and provide you with the personal touch gives you complete peace of mind through the entire process.

Our wedding couples want their guests to experience and remember theirs as the best wedding ceremony that they have ever attended in their lives. As Ottawa's most innovative officiants and celebrants, we consistently deliver that rare result using our over 25 years of combined experience in the wedding sector to give you the highest level of service and results, unmatched by any other officiants in the Ottawa region.

We have been twice honoured by the Ottawa Wedding Industry Professionals, once as the first ever recipient of their awards recognizing our leadership as officiants in the Ottawa wedding industry, and again for 2018-19. Considering that there are over 1,250 licensed officiants in Ottawa, to be recognized by our professional peers as the very best officiants in the region is a further confirmation of the high regard for the quality of services we deliver for each of our clients.

To get a brief glimpse of our uniquely unordinary ceremony style magic in action, check out these videos filmed by the talented people at Bespoke Films on Kim & Prabhul's and Christine & Gerry's wedding days and listen to how during the ceremony, we reveal the stories of their relationships.

"Two thumbs up to Lynne Langille for putting Kim and Prabhul's story together so perfectly! Its a real treat every time we film a ceremony that Lynne is giving. We always look forward to the personal touch. We have a great respect for her ability to connect people through her storytelling skills and aspire to do the same with our films. I think we are a good match!" - Mark Ciancibello, Bespoke Films


If you've ever attended a ceremony given by Lynne or Keith, you'll quickly come to realize that this is not your typical wedding ceremony. I believe we share a similar philosophy in that emphasizing the 'element of story' allows us to engage all who are experiencing the moment. - Mark Ciancibello, Bespoke Films

Here is another example of our style being played out in this great video trailer of Paula & Andre's wedding performed by Keith at Le Belvedere in Wakefield and captured by Eduardo Reyes Films.

Keith Langille - Exceptional Ceremonies - Copyright 2012, Eduardo Reyes

More recently, Reno Video Productions captured both the traditional Indian and western wedding ceremonies at the NAC of Sarika and Denis. Listen to the relaxed confidence of the Bride and Groom's awesome vows which we helped them create and which was characteristic of the tone of the entire ceremony developed and officiated by Keith. Observe how he stands away from the Bride and Groom for much of the ceremony so that the videographers and photographers can get the best photography possible of just the Bride and Groom and their wedding party, facing their guests. Contrast this to most other officiants' ceremonies where they are front and centre in almost every photo taken, and often with a microphone sticking out of their head while you can only see the rear ends of the Bride and Groom.

And here's one from First Kiss Films which features a cermony in the Museum of Nature's classy and elegant Lantern room and also conveys the nostalgic warrmth of a wedding day movie caught on Super 8 film.

When you choose your wedding celebrant or officiant, you shouldn't be just buying a commodity service as you're investing in lasting memories for you, your families, and your guests. You have an opportunity to ensure that everyone experiences your wedding ceremony like no other than they have before. Unless you want a very average ceremony, you should seek an experienced and talented officiant or celebrant whose style incorporates and builds upon your personal vision of your wedding day.

So you now have a really important choice to make. Do you want your marriage ceremony and wedding script to be romantic and elegant, meaningful and fun; specifically designed for and about the two of you, customized and personalized to reflect who you are both as individuals and as a couple and treat your family and guests to a romantic, innovative, yet relaxed experience, something that really energizes them? Or, will you settle for having just another ordinary, ho-hum cookie-cutter marriage ceremony (you know, the kind where everyone just wants to get it over with so that they can then get a few drinks in them and start to party)? We really know how to make your party start within your ceremony so that the energy and momentum flow onto your reception while possibly even reducing your open bar tab.

All of the information on these 70+ pages will help you understand the range of officiant options available in the Ottawa area, making it easier to find the right one for you. There is a range of styles and approaches used today and a basic understanding of these styles will save you plenty of time when it comes to choosing the best and most appropriate wedding officiant or celebrant for you.

Anyone who has ever attended a wedding ceremony performed by either of us has experienced the difference between the usual types of ceremonies prevailing in the area and their unique contemporary ones. They really know the positive impact you can make by treating your guests, as well as yourselves, to one of our innovative wedding ceremonies.

As Ottawa's only full-time ceremony celebrants and marriage officiants, we have invested thousands of hours in researching and developing a range of approaches which inject life, energy, and originality into every ceremony we perform. Not only are we widely regarded as Ottawa's most innovative wedding officiants and ceremony celebrants, we also offer a much higher level of service providing the personal touch that ensures a peace of mind that other officiants can't even come close to matching. Moreover, we are two of the very few Ottawa officiants who have any significant experience in leading wedding rehearsal sessions, something for which we are renown. In fact, we likely perform more wedding rehearsals each year than all other Ottawa civil officiants combined!

Having been married for over 38 years and having designed and performed numerous unique ceremonies, we have proven convincingly that wedding ceremonies don't have to be too long, boring, impersonal, overly churchy, and lacking real emotion for everyone attending. As we experimented with new ceremony techniques over our 10 years of officiating ceremonies, we heard back from the couples, families, and guests at the weddings which we conducted that they were thrilled with the innovations and personalization that we introduced into the Ottawa area.

Our clientele primarily are very selective and imaginative couples who want the added personal touch and who value customized and personalized wedding ceremonies that exude creativity, humour, and originality blended with romantic tradition. Our clients are those who prefer to work with officiants who take the extra time to listen to them and their ideas and to work actively with them to achieve their wedding ceremony vision. Accordingly, most of the top wedding professionals in Ottawa refer to their clients to us at Exceptional Ceremonies as their first choice of officiants for ceremonies happening within the Ottawa area. And when it comes to their own weddings, more Ottawa wedding professionals (photographers, wedding planners, venue co-ordinators, caterers, florists, hotel management, etc.) having seen almost every other Ottawa officiant in action at one time or another, have then chosen us to perform their ceremonies or those for their family members, rather than any other local officiant.

If you believe that you and your guests deserve a superior, unique wedding ceremony; a spectacular event filled with joy, love and laughter, then we can help you raise the bar by which weddings are judged. We can make your wedding ceremony stand out in the experience and memories of you, your families, friends, and guests as the best wedding ceremony that you and they have ever attended in your lives. Read what our clients have written about our ceremonies here and then imagine you having a similar or even better experience up to and on your wedding day. And then there will be all those wonderful memories for many, many years to come!

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Wedding Ceremony at the Canadian Museum of Nature Lantern Room - Photo by Andrew Geddes - Union Eleven Photography

This website strives to give you a sense of the range of types of ceremonies that we perform and more importantly the creative style that makes us the most innovative marriage celebrants serving the Ottawa area and, perhaps, all of Ontario.

Unique in Ottawa, we offer all prospective marriage clients considering our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum ceremony levels a one hour, face-to-face, no-obligation consultation with both of us in the privacy of our own home (or by telephone conference call for those couples remote from Ottawa) prior to your making any deposit or booking. We do this so that you can meet us and judge first hand our chemistry and expertise to be effective with you in taking your wedding ceremony to a level far beyond anything you've ever experienced or imagined. In doing so you can determine that we have the right experience, look, sound, style, energy, and presence to preside with confidence and authority at your ceremony

Meet us over a pot of tea (or coffee) and find out why over 95% of the couples who have met with us, have then proceeded to book us, a record unmatched anywhere else in Canada. With our experience of having performed ceremonies in most Ottawa area venues, leverage our extensive expertise to work for you and feel the peace of mind that comes from being serviced by two of the very best professionals that you'll meet in all of your wedding planning.

Unlike most other Ottawa officiants, we limit the number of weddings we perform any afternoon to a maximum of two, both of which are usually spaced two or more hours apart. We do this so that we can provide you with the best possible service and to ensure you a stress free experience, especially if things run somewhat behind your schedule. Ever hear of a bride who arrived late or a ceremony that didn't start on time because the guests hadn't all arrived? Well, it happens and when it does, we are not the officiants who cut out part of the ceremony because we need to get to another too closely scheduled ceremony. We believe that your ceremony deserves our full attention and focus and we ensure that our scheduling will not be the source of any stress during your wedding day.

Copyright 2011 - Andrew Geddes - Union Eleven Photography

Wedding Ceremony at the Canadian Museum of Nature Lantern Room - Photo by Andrew Geddes - Union Eleven Photography

Due to the consistently heavy demand on Saturdays for our services inside the immediate Ottawa-Gatineau area, we are not accepting Saturday bookings for venues outside of this zone. While most of the ceremonies we perform will be in the downtown area, this zone includes venues such Le Belvedere in Wakefield, Beantown Ranch, Orchardview in Manotick, Strathmere in North Gower, Stonefields in Carleton Place, and Evermore in Almonte.

On Sundays to Fridays, we will continue to be available for Platinum, Gold, and Silver Level Ceremonies held in more distant locations e.g. Brockville, Perth, Calabogie Peaks, Lac Ste. Marie, Montebello, etc.

For full descriptions of our different ceremony levels and 2018-20 rates, please click here.

2018 Wedding Ceremonies

Presently, about 90% of our available Saturday afternoons during the September to Thanksgiving period have been booked. However, there are still a number of dates and times available during this time and throughout the rest of the year. Most Fridays, we have lots of flexibility to perform ceremonies. Now is a good time to line up your officiant so as to avoid disappointment.

To determine our availability, please contact us (Lynne and Keith) as early as possible, either by phone at (613) 831-7555 or alternatively inquire by e-mail at to secure a reservation for your preferred ceremony date & time. Please go to this page, on our website, and answer the questionnaire which will send an email to us. We will will be back to you, usually within 24 hours.


2019 & 2020 Wedding Ceremonies

Bookings for 2019 and 2020 are now being accepted for those couples wishing to get the maximum lead time on their planning. Best of all, by booking now, you will lock in our rates which are still unchanged since 2014 .

Please contact us as early as possible, to determine our availability as most couples are booking dates 8 to 18 months in advance and it is now that you will have the best selection of dates and times.

We will be unavailable for ceremonies during the period of March 4th to April 11th, 2019.

The Canadian Museum of Nature - Photo by Green Tea Photography

Our extensive sample client testimonials can be found here and convincingly document why engaging us is usually the best decision you will make amongst all of your wedding services options.

For those couples who demand an outstanding ceremony experience for yourselves and your guests, we are experts for a range of customized ceremonies. Our specialities include:

Civil Style Ceremonies * Spiritual Ceremonies * Eloping *  Bilingual & French Ceremonies
Second & Third MarriagesSame Sex & Gay Weddings * Surprise Weddings
   Backyard, Home & Cottage Ceremonies 
Renewal of Vows Ceremonies * Co-Officiated Ceremonies
Baptisms & Naming Ceremonies * Memorial Services
Non-Denominational or Inter-Faith Ceremonies
Ceremonies for Remotely Located Couples

Civil Style Ceremonies in a Church

Ceremonies with Children
Commitment Ceremonies
Unplugged Weddings

You can contact us at or 613 - 831 - 7555 in Ottawa. We're usually around most days and evenings.






























Lynne and Keith are not just any Ottawa Marriage or Wedding Officiant, non-denominational Minister, Chaplain, Celebrant, Justice of the Peace, or Marriage Commissioner. We are the two most innovative and experienced Wedding Officiants in the Ottawa area and our passion in helping you achieve a spectacularly unique and personalized ceremony is what drives us. Call us at 613 831-7555 to see what we can do for you in helping you for your Ottawa area wedding ceremony.

This website and all of its contents are copyrighted, 2006-15 by Lynne and Keith Langille, Ottawa Wedding Officiants. All rights are reserved by Lynne and Keith Langille and may not be used in any form without specific permission from Lynne and Keith Langille.





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